Catching Up

Actually, I feel like I’ve been trying to catch up ever since I got back from California, and that was that was seven weeks ago!  But I’ve had a lot going on since then.  Let’s face it, life never really slows down, does it?  And would we really want it to?  All that busy stuff keeps us up and moving.  I haven’t been bored, I’ll say that much.

Last week I had a birthday–let’s not worry about which one it was–and Jo Anne, Sarah Andre, Lark Howard and I celebrated by driving out to Katy Budget Books for a launch party for our friend Shana Galen’s latest book, When You Give a Duke a Diamond.  It says a lot about Houston traffic that it took us about an hour and twenty minutes to get out to Katy at rush hour and about twenty-five minutes to get back two hours later.  But the time navigating through traffic (Jo Anne was driving, but she got a lot of advice from the back seat) was well spent.  At dinner later we realized that without our writing connections, the four of us would probably never have met, and that would have been a loss.  Lark gave us her take on the evening last week at Reading, Writing and Rambling, the blog she shares with our friend Pat O’Dea Rosen.

Later in the week I had a second birthday dinner with my next-door neighbor and her daughter, a lovely meal at a charmingly old-fashioned Italian restaurant, Antonio’s in LaPorte, Texas.  Seafood fettuccini with lemon garlic sauce, yum.  LaRue gave me this charming little porcelain kitten box.  It’s less than three inches long, so I’m not sure what it’s meant to hold, but for the moment it’s sitting on my monitor stand, after becoming yet another victim of my attempts at photography.

Books:  not much reading this week.  I did finish Tera Lynn Childs’ Just for Fins, the third book in her Young Adult mermaid trilogy.  I don’t read a lot of YA fiction, but I’ve enjoyed this series, a light paranormal tale set in Florida (and underwater, of course).  I started Cheryl Bolen’s Marriage of Inconvenience, which I am enjoying.  I have an early copy; the book will be released October 2.

TV:  This afternoon I finally watched last week’s SYTYCD, a pure performance episode.  I don’t know, or really care, who’s going to win the titles Tuesday evening (and I’ll have to record that one, too–I have a meeting that night), but all four of the remaining dancers are amazing.  Who would have thought a few weeks ago that Cyrus the Animator would be in the final four?

This evening, of course, I watched Hell on Wheels.  Another bloodbath.  This is the most violent show I watch–I was going to say the only one, but Major Crimes last week ran up a pretty substantial body count–and I remain completely hooked.  By the characters, and the background, not the bloodshed.

This week I’m looking forward to the return of Bones, the premier of Revolution and the season finale (alas) of White CollarWarehouse 13 has three more episodes to run, and Castle will be back next week.  There is no standard TV season these days, is there?  But there are always new stories to enjoy, and, I hope, to learn from.

Behold the Versatile Blogger

A couple of days ago I got an email from my friend Pat O’Dea Rosen passing along to me the Versatile Blogger Award (Citation?  Designation? Accusation?).   The “rules” for this Award (which Pat tells me I am completely at liberty to ignore) are as follows:

Thank the blogger who nominated you!  Well, that’s easy enough.  Thank you, Pat.  I am delighted to know that you’ve been enjoying my posts.

Add the award pic to your blog post.  Another easy one.  It’s a cute little graphic, and my blog wears it with pride.

Share seven random things about yourself.  Let’s see, this one’s a little tougher.

  1. When I was an archeology student in the field years ago, my friends teased me because my nose was always dirty, from pushing my ever-sliding glasses back up.
  2. I have one article (about a Corps of Engineers dredge) in The Handbook of Texas, a wonderful reference which used to be an expensive prize but is now available free on line.
  3. I have a large collection of thimbles, although I have never actually used one for sewing.
  4. I have been migrating around the Gulf of Mexico for decades, from Tallahassee (where I went to college), to New Orleans (where I went to grad school), to New Iberia (where we lived on the Bayou Teche for five years) to Seabrook, where I’ve lived since 1976.  I think I’ll stay here.
  5. I’m a hopeless book addict, but you probably already knew that.
  6. I know every episode of Star Trek (the original series, at least) by its title.
  7. New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday.

 Nominate fifteen fellow bloggers and let them know about it.  Okay, this is the really tough one, and I’m not even going to try to do it all at once.  The task has spurred me to add a list of blogs that I visit regularly to my sidebar–this is a work in progress, and I’ll be adding to it, but I hope you’ll visit them.  Some of them focus on writing, but some happily wander about much as Pat and I do.

My first nominee for Versatile Blogger is Jo Eberhardt of The Happy Logophile.  I don’t remember if Jo stumbled onto my blog or I stumbled onto hers, but we’ve been exchanging comments for several months now.  Jo lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she writes urban fantasy in the moments she’s not busy with her two little boys, Big Brother and Baby Brother.  Baby Brother is less than a year old, so he doesn’t have a lot to say (yet), but four-year-old Big Brother has some wonderful stories to tell.  Just the other day he was entertaining Baby Brother (and his eavesdropping mom) with the tale of the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Dinosaur, and the Hungry Dentists.  And then there was the saga of the giant spider–and we think things grow big here in Texas!  Go visit Jo, a Versatile Blogger.

I’ll nominate more Versatile Bloggers as I discover them–there’s a good excuse to go tag surfing through the wilds of WordPress from time to time.  Thank you again, Pat, for reminding me to go visiting.