Tempting Fate

time travel romance, 90,000 words

While visiting her sister near the Texas Gulf Coast, Liz Whitney is transported back to 1872 through a ghost town saloon.  There she meets Miguel Montoya, the great-great-great-grandfather of her brother-in-law.  Miguel is not what genealogical research has shown him to be.  Not a prosperous landowner, he appears to be a vagrant stable hand with a drinking problem.  Stuck in the wrong century, Liz sets out to protect the future by restructuring Miguel’s life.

Miguel has no idea that his life needs to be restructured.  An officer in the Mexican army, he just wants to see the land where he was born.  Before returning to his regiment, he hopes to learn how and why his father disappeared thirty years earlier.

Frequent encounters between Liz and Miguel result in one comic disaster after another as they fall, reluctantly, in love.  But Liz knows she cannot have Miguel, for by the census of 1880 he will be married to a woman named Isabel and the father of two or three children.  Liz, divorced after a childless ten-year marriage, believes she cannot bear children.  Must Liz give up the man she loves and live out her life in the past to protect her family’s future?

  • 2002 Maggie Winner
  • 2000 Emily Finalist
  • 2000 Indiana Golden Opportunity Winner
  • 1999 Finish the Dang Book Finalist
  • 1999 Golden Synopsis Winner
  • 1999 Golden Rose Finalist
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