Paper Hearts

historical romance, 80,000 words

When Boston spinster Celia Knight inherits a home and a newspaper business in Bailey’s Bend, Texas, she is only too happy to leave her old life behind.  But her new home is full of eccentric boarders, no one wants to tell her exactly how her uncle Oscar died, and the editor of her newspaper, a devastatingly attractive loose cannon named Thorne Morgan, claims he owns a half interest in the Courier.  Surrounded by Thorne’s tomboy/typesetter daughter Alice, the javelina pelt on the balcony, the (taxidermied) flying pig in Alice’s bedroom, the baby alligator in the kitchen, and the banker who holds a mortgage on her inheritance, Celia is in for even more of an adventure than she expected.  Add the missing bill of sale and five hundred dollars in gold certificates that everyone in the house seems to be searching for to the prospect of romance with her headstrong newspaperman, and Celia is out on a limb–over a bayou full of full-grown gators!   Will Celia be able to relinquish enough of her hard-won independence to build a future in Bailey’s Bend–and a family with Thorne and Alice?

  • 2011 Golden Heart® Finalist
  • 2010 Toronto Gold Winner
  • 2010 Launching a Star Finalist
  • 2010 Romance Through the Ages Finalist


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