Jinn & Tonic

contemporary paranormal romantic comedy, 86,000 words

Kindle version now available HERE. Paperback version available soon.

Mix two lonely mortals, two meddlesome jinn, and a collection of classic Errol Flynn adventure films, and you have the ingredients of Jinn & Tonic.

Susan Sheridan may have her doubts about Bock, the jinn who pops out of her antique tonic bottle, but she loves the vividly real dream worlds he builds after watching her favorite movies.  Then she discovers that the hero of her dreams, dashing pirate captain Rob Flynn, is also a mortal dreamer, as real as she is.

Rob wants to meet in the waking world, but Susan resists.  It’s bad enough that he’s a lawyer and she’s on parole.  It’s even worse that she tied him to a bed and had her way with him–in a dream they both remember!

As their adventures carry them through the pirate world of Captain Blood, the saloons of Dodge City, and Robin Hood’s Nottingham Castle, can Susan and Rob risk their hearts to find love–and their mortal lives to defeat the evil jinn whose ambitions would separate them forever?

  • 2014 Music City Romance Writers Pitch Contest Finalist
  • 2013 Golden Heart® Finalist
  • 2010 Launching a Star Finalist
  • 2010 On the Far Side Finalist
  • 2010 Golden Pen Finalist
  • 2009 Finally a Bride Finalist
  • 2009 Southern Heat Winner
  • 2009 Hot Prospects Finalist
  • 2009 Where the Magic Begins Finalist
  • 2009 Spring Into Romance Finalist
  • 2008 Emily Finalist

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