Jinn on the Rocks

contemporary paranormal romantic comedy, 100,000 words

Zee Harker is a changeling, a jinn switched with a mortal infant a century ago, doomed to spend her long life watching the world pass her by, convinced she would never be welcome in Pandemonia, the jinn dimension. Why else was she abandoned so long ago?

All that changes when a goblin called Grackle shows up on her front porch to ask for her help. A gnome has assigned Grackle a task he doesn’t want to perform, but it’s dangerous to defy a gnome. Making sure that an exiled jinn has been destroyed, though, that’s too much for a decent goblin. He’d rather find the lost jinn before it’s too late, but he’s only three feet tall, and he’s been living in a dumpster behind a bait and tackle shop. He needs help.

Curran, the jinn in question, is mystified to find himself in what appears to be a garbage farm–the landfill in which his precious bottle was tossed and broken. With no portal back to his own dimension, he runs into trouble as soon as he crawls under the fence.

Along with Grackle and a dog who probably isn’t what she appears to be, Zee and Curran dodge gnomes, a cranky deputy sheriff, trolls, and the Hound of the Baskervilles, not to mention Zee’s burgeoning and unpredictable powers, as they seek to get back to Pandemonia and uncover the secrets of Zee’s true identity.

  • 2018 Golden Heart Winner
  • 2017 Emily finalist


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