Far Between

science fiction romance, 87,000 worlds

Stranded in an alternate world, tending bar in a tavern in a Spanish outpost on what should be–but isn’t–Galveston Island, dealing with Indians from the Aztec-dominated mainland, Charlotte Wolfe discovers that she is blessed–or perhaps cursed–with a talent for finding the weak spots where parallel worlds touch and crossing through the strange between spaces that connect them.  Sought by those who would use her talents for their own ends, Charlie finds allies in the would-be magician who brought her from her own time line and the soldier-explorer who knows far more than she does about the workings of the many world-lines.  Will she ever find her way back to her home?  Or must she learn to live in a world where she can only guess at the rules?

  • 2006 Finally a Bride Finalist
  • 2005 On the Far Side Finalist
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