Bathtub Jinn

contemporary paranormal romantic comedy, approximately 77,000 words

When Maren Crowe returns to her childhood home in Texas, she’d be delighted to find a ghost or two in the old house: that might be a draw for the Bed and Breakfast she plans to establish.  She’s not so thrilled to find a spectacularly handsome demon in the bathtub, guarding a portal into the dimension of the jinn.

The mysteries mushroom:  the oddly familiar black cat that moves in with her, the strange effect the house has on visitors, and the vivid dream of sharing the bathtub with her mystery man.

When Zell shows up looking for work as a handyman, it’s déjà vu.  When Maren catches the cat talking to him, it’s something more.  And then her long-missing grandmother calls–on a disconnected telephone.

Maren, Zell, and the wise-cracking cat set off on a romp through the jinn dimension in search of truth, love, and a fix for the open portal before any more trolls sneak through.

  • 2012 Golden Heart® finalist
  • 2012 Southern Heat finalist
  • 2011 Golden Pen finalist
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