About Kay

Kay has been writing as long as she can remember, beginning with fan fiction (not that anyone used that term at the time) based on long-forgotten TV shows when she was in elementary school.

In high school she advanced to research papers, including one on the French actress Sarah Bernhardt, perhaps because of her father’s tendency to call her Sarah Heartburn in her more dramatic moments.

College and graduate school brought research in anthropology and archeology, followed by many years of writing archeological survey reports and contributing archeological and historical background sections for environmental impact reports.  This work taught her, among other things, that the Army Corps of Engineers is not an organization with a strong appreciation of humor.

After the death of her husband (and research partner) in 2002, Kay found work sitting in front of a computer and playing with numbers instead of words.  Happily, the owner of the small bookkeeping service where she balances other people’s chaotic bank accounts and illegible check registers is her long-time friend and RWA sister, Jo Anne Banker.

Kay is active in the Houston Bay Area and West Houston chapters of Romance Writers of America®, and is a four-time finalist in RWA’s Golden Heart® contest.  She works on story plots on the freeway while commuting from her home between NutmegGalveston Bay and NASA to her job in Houston.  She recently lost her housemate Nutmeg, a large, rather matronly cat who was rescued from a storm drain by the wonderful people who work with Second Chance Pets of League City, Texas.

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