New From Leslie Marshman

The Goode Fight is Leslie Marshman’s second Crystal Creek mystery, continuing the adventures of Texas Ranger Samantha Goode, now stationed in her old home town. While Sheriff Eddie Marshall is out fishing one day, Sam catches a case too close to home: the body of a young woman, clearly laid out to satisfy some bizarre ritual, found on the hunting ranch belonging to Sam’s best friend, Army sniper Nicole Chance.


Does this murder, or the disposal of the body on the Chance ranch, have something to do with rather heavy-handed offers to buy the property, or is it part of a string of murders scattered between San Antonio, Houston, and Victoria over the last few months? Did some vagrant killer dump the body on the Chance ranch for no reason, or is the killer closer to home?


Marshman builds a complex mystery, layered with Sam’s personal relationships and ending with a solution I did not see coming. An excellent choice for readers who like a tough professional heroine and a gritty tale of obsession and murder.

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  1. Leslie
    Jun 14, 2020 @ 16:34:22

    Thanks for the wonderful review, Kay!



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