Kindle Voyage Reset

A couple of weeks ago my four-year-old Kindle Voyage stopped working. Well, parts of it stopped working—the main parts: the library, and then the home screen. The Voyage continued to receive the special offer ads, and some of the menus worked, but clearly there was no way to actually read a book on it, even after several restarts and assorted Google research.


Now this wasn’t exactly an emergency. I have an 8-inch Fire tablet, where I actually do most of my electronic reading, a 10-inch Fire tablet, the Kindle app on my phone, and the Kindle app on my computer. But I do like to have the small dedicated e-reader to stick in my purse for times when I know I’ll be sitting and waiting somewhere, or eating alone.


The evening the Voyage stopped working, I checked Amazon for a possible replacement. I hadn’t realized that the Voyage had been discontinued a couple of years ago. The newer Oasis, which I might have wanted if I wasn’t reading so much on my Fire, is wildly expensive. The newest Paperwhite, on the other hand, was selling that night for $85, as opposed to its usual $130. Did I really need one? I’d think about it.


The next day the price of the Paperwhite had gone back up to $130, and I decided that purchase could wait a while. I downloaded the Price Tracker for Amazon app to my phone and set it up to let me know when the price went down again, and I went back to reading on my Fire.


This morning my phone beeped, and the price tracker informed me that the price of a Paperwhite Kindle had dropped again, this time to $95. That sounded good, so I popped one into my Amazon cart, and added a non-Amazon case I had run across while buying a new case for my Fire.


Then, just for the heck of it, I opened the Voyage. Out of juice, so I connected it to a charger (by now I have a whole basket of them on the kitchen counter) and went back to reading the newspaper. When I checked the Voyage, the home screen and library were still gone, but I opened the settings to see if there might be something I’d accidentally changed, and found the menu item for resetting the device to factory specs, the nuclear option. This would erase everything stored on the reader, but since it wasn’t working anyway, why not try? If it worked, it wouldn’t be any different than setting up a new reader.


So I hit reset.


And it worked.


After several minutes of doing whatever it was doing, the Voyage came back and asked me to connect to my wifi network and then to my Amazon account. Once that was done, there was the home screen and the library, nothing downloaded but everything available in my cloud. I downloaded and opened the book I’ve been reading on the Fire, and there it was, synced to the right page (something the Voyage had been having trouble with for a while) and ready to go.


I emptied my Amazon cart. I’ll stick with the Voyage, at least until it craters again.

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  1. Cheryl Bolen
    Mar 23, 2020 @ 17:27:32

    Now, that would be a sign to me to go to Vegas. Oh wait, Vegas is shut down!



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