Gerry Bartlett’s Texas Reckless

Texas Reckless,the latest romantic suspense tale from Gerry Bartlett, begins when a stranger climbs the fence into Sierra MacKenzie’s ranch property outside Muellerville, Texas. That’s not the beginning of her troubles, though—she’s already dealing with mysterious cattle deaths and accidents, and a development company that wants her land for its highway access. Maybe this fellow who wrecked his rented car at the end of her driveway is not to be trusted.


But Rhett Hall (we met him in Bartlett’s previous book, Texas Trouble) has nothing to do with those problems. He simply hit a deer, wrecked his car, and can’t get a signal with his cell phone. But he manages to charm the lady who greets him with a loaded rifle into letting him in, not suspecting just how long he’ll want to stay.


Soon Sierra and Rhett team up to investigate the escalating troubles at the ranch, as well as the long-ago barrel racing accident that changed Sierra’s life. She’s determined to run the ranch, and her horse therapy classes for troubled children, without help from her wealthy family back in Houston, and Rhett is soon just as determined to help her.


But her resistance to the development project threatens the economic well-being of the residents and local businessmen of Muellerville, many of whom have invested in the development project. Are one or more of them trying to convince Sierra to sell—or drive her off her ranch by any means necessary?


Suspense—and romance—build as Sierra and Rhett fight to live long enough to find the answers, and a future together.

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  1. Cheryl Bolen
    Jan 20, 2020 @ 11:16:40

    Got this on my Kindle, but still haven’t started it. Thanks. Sounds good.



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