Donna Frelick: Trouble In Mind

What if aliens really were abducting humans, for slave labor and sometimes for their psychic powers? That’s the premise behind Donna S. Frelick’s Interstellar Rescue series.


trouble-in-mindTrouble In Mind (the second book in the series, but definitely readable as a stand alone—I haven’t read the first one yet) begins as a suspense novel, with FBI Agent Alana Matheson called in on what seems like a routine kidnapping case. A woman and her son have been snatched from a remote location, leaving her husband beaten but alive—and now a suspect.


But Lana’s investigation soon takes an unexpected turn as private investigator Gabriel Cruz shows up, brought into the case by the angry husband and his friends. Lana is having enough trouble with her FBI partner—she doesn’t need more from interfering civilians.


Gabriel is not just another private eye, and the kidnap victims have a background he can’t explain to Lana, not without telling her about psychic powers, galactic conspiracy, and his own extremely dysfunctional and not entirely human family.


Trouble In Mind moves smoothly from Earth-bound suspense to interstellar intrigue, from Lana and Gabriel to the kidnapped woman to the aliens pursuing her and the masterminds behind it all, as Lana and Gabriel race to rescue the victims and Lana gradually learns that there is far more involved than she ever imagined, even in her own background.


This is an exciting, well-written example of the science fiction romance genre, but be advised that it contains some very graphic language, sex, and violence, all intrinsic to the story and characters. All the same, I’m hooked. I’ve downloaded the first book in the series, Unchained Memory, and pre-ordered the third, Fools Rush In.

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