AE Jones: In Sickness and In Elf

In the first entry in AE Jones’ new Paranormal Wedding Planners series, In Sickness and in Elf, Alex Bennett returns reluctantly to her grandmother’s bridal business. Left at the altar two years earlier, Alex has developed a downright phobia about weddings, but when her grandmother asks for her help, she can hardly refuse. Turns out she doesn’t know the half of her family business, Bennett Bridal, until she sees a runaway bride turn into something else entirely.


In Sickness and In ElfWhen Devin Cole shows up to investigate, Alex finds him arrogant, annoying, and just about irresistible. Devin has his own problems—stripped of his paranormal powers until proven innocent of fault in a disastrous earlier investigation, he faces a tribunal which he’s really not prepared for. He doesn’t have time to solve the problems at Bennett Bridal, especially not with the infuriating and oh-so-tempting Alex insisting on helping.


Bennett Bridal’s San Diego, it seems, is teeming with vampires, werewolves, and countless varieties of demons, all hankering to get married. But who is determined enough to prevent marriages between paranormals and humans to resort to sabotaging the weddings? Alex and Devin better figure that out before Bennett Bridal goes down, and takes Happily Ever After with it.


In Sickness and in Elf is a delightfully fun read, and Jones promises a sequel, From This Fae Forward, soon. I’ll be watching for it. And don’t miss Jones’ Mind Sweeper series, either.

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  1. Cheryl Bolen
    Aug 26, 2016 @ 19:56:20

    Don’t ya love her titles?



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