Tara Holloway Is Back

Tara Holloway, gun-toting Special Agent of the IRS, returns in Diane Kelly’s latest novel, Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter, and she’s just as feisty—and funny—as ever.


Death Taxes and a Satin GarterIn this outing, Tara is investigating Flo Cash, owner of a small radio station carrying financial advice shows, including her own Flo Cash Cash Flow Show. Trouble is, Flo Cash’s own cash flow seems to be pretty nearly nonexistent, and Tara can’t figure out how Flo supports her lavish lifestyle without so much as a checking account to her name. She sure isn’t following the advice she gives her listeners. Tara knows there’s something else going on, but what?


One case won’t be enough to keep our Tara busy. When three intelligent—and somewhat embarrassed—women turn up looking for help cornering the online catfisher who scammed them for two grand apiece, Tara takes a personal interest. She’s an IRS agent, and six grand in unreported income isn’t exactly a major case. But where there are three victims, maybe there are more, and Tara, with help from colleagues Josh Schmidt (the office computer whiz) and Special Agent Hana Kim, sets out to track down the illusive “Jack Smirnoff,” although her activities as catfish bait don’t sit well with her boyfriend, Special Agent Nick Pratt.


But the Satin Garter of the title has nothing to do with either of Tara’s investigations. Tara’s BFF, Alicia, is getting married on Sunday, and Tara is neck-deep in helping with wedding preparations—and wondering about her own marital prospects.


Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter is the tenth in Kelly’s delightful series, with new cases, great characters, and a wild bachelorette party. I enjoyed it immensely. Many thanks to the folks at St. Martins and Net Galley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. The book will be available at your favorite bookseller on August 2.

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