Veronica Scott’s Sectors SF Series

Veronica Scott’s Wreck of the Nebula Dream, one of her Sectors SF Romance series, has been described as a re-imagining of the Titanic, set in the deep space of the future. But the survivors of the Titanic didn’t have to outwit alien pirates in a combat zone, far from any reasonable hope of rescue. This is a non-stop science fiction action adventure tale with a romance (or two) to savor along the way.

Wreck of the Nebula DreamCaptain Nick Jameson is a Sectors Special Forces officer stuck on what he expects to be a boring trip on the maiden voyage of a civilian luxury liner. Returning to the Hub with memories of a disastrous mission hanging over him, Nick sees only one bright spot: a traveling businesswoman, Mara Lyrae, who crosses his path several times. Before they have a chance to become better acquainted, disaster overtakes the Nebula Dream, and Nick and Mara find themselves fighting for survival, along with two rescued children, a spoiled Socialite named Twilka, who may not be quite the bubble head she appears, and a devotee of the Red Lady, who might be a bodyguard or a killer.

I really enjoyed the Wreck of the Nebula Dream, the second of Scott’s Sector books I’ve read. Star Cruise: Marooned, set in the same universe, is just as good, telling the story of Meg Antille, a crew member on the charter cruise ship Far Horizon, and Red Star Cruise MaroonedThomsill, a former Sector Special Forces soldier now serving on the civilian ship. When the nature preserve planet their passengers picnic on turns out to be not at all as advertised, and their shuttle leaves for the Far Horizon without them, Meg and Red have a lot more than romance to deal with.

Scott has two more Sectors novels available, Escape from Zulaire and Mission to Mahjundar. I’m looking forward to reading those soon.

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