Cheryl Bolen’s One Golden Ring

In One Golden Ring, Cheryl Bolen visits one of her favorite situations, the marriage of convenience. When Lady Fiona Hollingsworth learns that her brother is being held for ransom by Spanish bandits, she decides that the only collateral she has with which to raise 25,000 pounds is herself, and her status as the daughter of an earl. Even though her late father left a near-worthless estate to her missing brother, she knows her own value as a member of the ton. So she approaches extremely wealthy businessman Nicholas Birmingham, offering marriage and social standing in exchange for her brother’s ransom.

One Golden RingAt first thought, Nick Birmingham rejects the idea of marriage, although he is willing to loan, or even give, the ransom to the lovely Lady Fiona. Known as the Fox of the Exchange, Nick spends his days making money and his nights with ladies who are not Ladies. But when his brother Adam tells him he’s a fool to reject the marriage, Nick begins to realize just how attracted he is to Fiona, and accepts her offer.

Fiona and Nick are each cautiously pleased to find how well they get along, in the bed chamber as well as in the drawing room. But convenience does not equal confidence, and both have their reservations. Fiona believes that Nick has married her only for her social status (that was the agreement, after all), and knows about his recent mistress. Is her husband still seeing the pretty actress? And why won’t Nick discuss his business activities with her?

Nick believes Fiona has married him only for his money (that agreement, again), and that she is still in love with the earl to whom she was once engaged, before he married another woman (in Bolen’s The Counterfeit Countess).

Tensions build over differences in social standing as well as more practical matters. Can Fiona accept Nick’s young illegitimate daughter? Will her snobbish brother forgive her for marrying the businessman who provided his ransom? Can Nick rescue his own brother from peril? And what will happen when Nick’s shy sister discovers the true identity of the man she’s met in the park?

Bolen pulls all the threads together in a delightful story of two people who are just a little too restrained to admit to their unexpected love for one another, so obvious to all those around them, in a most enjoyable Regency romance.

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  1. Cheryl Bolen
    Jan 08, 2016 @ 19:40:35

    What a wonderfully written review! Thanks from the depths of my romantic heart.



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