A E Jones’ Mind Sweeper Series

I don’t often binge read books in a series, but I did when I dove into the world of A.E. Jones’ MindsweeperMIND SWEEPER trilogy. When I finished MIND SWEEPER, I immediately downloaded the next adventure, SHIFTER WARS, and preordered SENTINEL LOST. (There are also two novellas about supporting characters, THE FLEDGLING and THE PURSUIT.) The stories combine humor, romance, and science fiction/fantasy in a very well developed world in which Kyle McKinley, a human woman with the power to remove and replace memories, works with a charming vampire named Jean Luc and a TV-addicted, computer ace demon named Misha to clean up after supernatural incidents humans shouldn’t have seen.

I’m not going to give you too much detail, because these books are just full of surprises, much more fun to read when you’re not expecting them. And I certainly did not see a lot of the twists and turns coming.

MIND SWEEPER opens when the latest incident involves an angel killing a vampire in a bar, and human police detective Joe Dalton joins the team. With twelve clans of demons, assorted shape shifters, and a few unfortunate humans who stumble into the middle of things, Kyle and her team have their Shifter Warshands (and fangs and claws) full.

In SHIFTER WARS, Kyle finds herself back with the team after a stint doing security work at a casino in Nevada, becoming involved with the chief shifter, Griffin, and falling farther into the mystery of the Key. We learn more about the lives and culture of the shifters, as a dissatisfied faction tries to take over the Pack.

SENTINEL LOST supplies a completely satisfying wrap up (at least for now–who knows what Jones has planned for Kyle and the crew?) to the Mind Sweeper story. Demons all over Sentinel Lostthe place, the return of Dalton, and secrets from Kyle’s past all add up to a terrific story.

If you enjoy romance, mystery, humor, and science fiction seamlessly blended together, mouse right over to your favorite purveyor of ebooks and download the Mind Sweeper series. Highly recommended.

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