Cheryl Bolen’s Countess by Coincidence

As its title would suggest, Cheryl Bolen’s latest Regency romance opens with wild coincidences and foolish behavior, all of which combine to throw the hero and heroine of Countess By Coincidence into that favorite entertaining (for the reader!) predicament, the Marriage of Convenience.

Countess By CoincidenceMargaret Ponsby, sister of the Duke of Aldridge (the hero of Bolen’s Duchess by Mistake) has harbored a girlish crush on John Beauclerc, the Earl of Finchley, for years, although she has never actually spoken to him. His grandmother is her neighbor, and she has watched him coming and going from her window. When she stops at a local church one morning and finds herself swept to the altar by the earl, she assumes she’s been recruited to act as bride in a proxy wedding.

Finch, as the earl is known to his friends, is a good-hearted rake who has concocted a ridiculous scheme to marry a stranger and pay her to go away, thus proving to his wealthy grandmother that he has matured enough to handle the money she has been too cautious to settle on him. (Finch’s grandmother, mind you, is far too intelligent to fall for this nonsense.)

Determined to make the best of her unexpected lot, Margaret persuades Finch to let her move in with him and take up her formal position as his countess (much to the bewilderment of her family) while he continues to lead a life of freedom with his trio of equally rakish friends. Margaret would love to have a proper marriage and family with Finch, but she tries to convince herself that she’ll settle for a home of her own and friendship with this oddly endearing (and very handsome) man.

Finch, meanwhile, has absolutely no use for a wife or marriage, or so he tells himself and his friends—over and over again. But Maggie would be such a perfect wife. If he wanted one. Which of course he doesn’t. Does he?

Countess By Coincidence is a sweet, heartwarming story of two people who are perfect for one another, if only they can see past the nature of their accidental relationship. The third installment in Bolen’s House of Haverstock series (which began with Lady By Chance) also continues the story of the home for war widows and orphans established by Margaret’s sister-in-law Elizabeth and provides happy endings for several supporting characters. If you love traditional Regency romance, you will certainly enjoy this series.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cheryl Bolen
    Jul 05, 2015 @ 22:55:32

    Such a beautifully written review. I am in your debt.



  2. K.P.Gresham
    Jul 06, 2015 @ 15:23:40

    P.S. I love the cover for the Countess by Coincidence, too!



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