I found the corkscrew!

Months ago, when I went hunting for the corkscrew I was sure resided somewhere in my kitchen, I was horrified by the amount of forgotten equipment I had stuffed into the cupboards in the nearly forty years I have lived in this house. A couple of days ago I finally decided to do something about it—this weekend I would declutter the kitchen. I did about half the kitchen Friday, a little bit more yesterday.

Today I set out to finish the job. I found about fourteen pieces of Pyrex glassware—I don’t remember when I last used any of it, and it’s not staying. I found way more Corningware cookware, in two patterns, than I will even need, but I’m keeping that—sentiment. I found two Comet Rice cookers. Don’t know why I thought I needed two, only keeping one. Two enormous soup pots and two turkey roasters—out. Now there’s plenty of room in that cupboard.

Then I tackled the last cupboard. That’s where I found three toasters, two blenders, and a toaster oven with all its accessories. I found food dishes, combs, and a leash, all belonging to a dog who crossed the Rainbow Bridge several years ago. A large collection of nearly empty boxes of storage bags fell out of a plastic basket.

And way in the back, another plastic basket full of small kitchen gadgets: an egg beater, a garlic press, nut and/or shellfish crackers, apple corers and egg slicers, can openers and ice cream scoops, scissors and Corkscrewspoons and cookie cutters. Something that looks like an oversize garlic press—I think it was meant to crush ice cubes long ago. It belonged to my mother and will probably stay.

And down at the very bottom of the basket, the old wooden corkscrew. The shiny new one I bought to replace it works much better, but I’m still glad I found the old one, in the very back corner of the very last cupboard. I knew it was here somewhere!

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  1. Cheryl Bolen
    May 18, 2015 @ 11:09:44

    I had no idea you’d ever spent enough time in the kitchen to accumulate all that!



    • Kay Hudson
      May 18, 2015 @ 11:18:20

      Hey, back when I had someone to cook for (Jack all those years, of course, and my mom when she lived with us), I did most of the cooking, and even baking. My mom brought a lot of stuff along when she moved in with us, which is why I still have two sets of flatware, three sets of dishes, and all that Corningware. These days, not so much cooking, but every once in a while I like something to eat that didn’t come out of the microwave.



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