Cheryl Bolen’s Christmas in Bath

Mary Arbuckle and Jonathan Blankenship have been friends for years. Very proper, strictly platonic, intellectual friends, who call one another Miss Arbuckle and Mr. Blankenship. But Glee Blankenship, Jonathan’s sister-in-law and Mary’s old school friend, knows better, and when Jonathan accepts her invitation to spend Christmas in Bath with her family, Glee decides it’s time to do a bit of matchmaking.

A Christmas in BathMary doesn’t really need Glee to tell her that her feelings for Jonathan go beyond friendship, but she’s not a beauty and she has very little money, and on the whole she’s resigned to remaining a spinster. The stab of distress she feels at the thought Jonathan might have found a bride takes her by surprise. So does Glee’s campaign to bring Mary to the attention of the brilliant but reluctant Jonathan.

Jonathan Blankenship is surprised by the twinges of longing he feels when he sees his brother’s happy marriage and growing family. But that’s not for him. He prefers his books, his writing, and his dearest friend, Miss Arbuckle, who will surely never change. What is this stomach-churning distress that attacks him when he sees her in glorious (and revealing!) ball gowns, dancing with other men, clearly in the market for a husband?

A Christmas in Bath is a stand-alone novella, but it is also a Christmas present for fans of Cheryl Bolen’s popular Brides of Bath series (this one is number 6), with a holiday reunion of Glee, Felicity, Sally, Catherine, and their families on a lovely Regency Christmas Day.  Bolen has a gift for bringing the people and society of Regency England to life, and this is just the story to open the holiday season!

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  1. Cheryl Bolen
    Nov 05, 2014 @ 09:06:55

    Thank you for another beautifully written review.



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