Book Shopping, Again

To no one’s surprise, I’ve bought a few more books than I’ve managed to read in the last few weeks.  A couple of weeks ago I headed over to the Local Barnes & Noble to pick up a book I’d seen mentioned on a site I enjoy,  I was Three Princesresearching an article on alternate history at the time, and Ramona Wheeler’s Three Princes, a tale of 19th century intrigue in a world ruled by the Egyptian Empire sounded like just the sort of book I love.  As long as I was there, with a gift card in my wallet, I also bought Gossamer Wing, a steampunk romance by Delphine Dryden, which I’d seen on another blog I follow (Paranormal Unbound).

Yesterday I stopped at the local Half-Price Books, not looking for anything in particular.  I picked up Marie Brennan’s A Natural History of Dragons (because, well, dragons!) from the New BestsellerA Natural History of Dragons rack.  It isn’t new (the hard cover edition was released last year), just new in trade paperback, and the cover grabbed me, as did a quick look at the back blurb and the preface.  Then I wandered back through the science fiction racks and made two (possibly contradictory) decisions.  I bought a paper copy of Hugh Howey’s Wool, which I already have on my Kindle but would prefer to read on paper (the book is highly recommended by my friend Colleen Thompson), and I rejected an older paperback copy of an alternate history novel because the print was small and cramped and I know I can get it in digital format and increase the type size.

Then I went back to Barnes & Noble to look for a new book by another friend, Sharon Sala.  I have been looking forward The Curl Up and Dyeto reading The Curl Up and Dye, and I have a companion novella, Color Me Bad, waiting on my Kindle.

Of course I have also been feeding my Kindle faster than I read the books that pile up on it, too.  In the last month or so I have downloaded three Daily Deals: Why Shoot a Butler? by Georgette Heyer, Artifact by Gigi Pandian, and Bride of the Rat God by Barbara Hambly.  I try to restrain myself on the Daily Deals, and I think three in the last month is pretty restrained.  I also bought a few by writer friends: Up to the Challenge by Terri Osburn, Archer’s Sin by Amy Raby, and Draw Me In and What’s Yours is Mine by Talia Quinn.

Currently I’m reading three books, in my usual scattered fashion.  Three Princes is proving to be every bit as good as I had hoped.  The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend, by Glenn Frankel, is a fascinating work about the background and making of the famous movie.  I bought this book some time ago, after reading a review in the Houston Chronicle, but just opened it to read this weekend.  I’m having trouble putting it down.

Bride of the Rat GodAnd on my Kindle, I’m halfway through Bride of the Rat God.  I’d read several chapters before I realized that I’d read the book before, back in 1994 when it first came out (I could confirm this thanks to a slightly OCD compulsion to keep all those lists of books I’ve read on my computer–the lists actually predate the first computer by several years, and I must have typed them in after the fact).  Clearly the setting, Hollywood in the 1920s, is just as appealing twenty years later (and wonderfully described), but I’m sorry I no longer have the paperback copy, if only for its delightfully pulpy cover.

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  1. Cheryl Bolen
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 19:44:22

    Now I wish I subscribed to the Kindle Daily Deal. Why Shoot a Butler is one of my favorite mysteries! I’ve got it in paper, but would prefer it on one of my ereaders. It has some of Heyer’s trademark humor, and I love English mysteries set between the wars best of all. The heyday. I did recently download another of mysteries to either my Kindle or Nook.

    Now that you’ve got two more days, are you able to read more? (I don’t think that 2BR pile will ever disappear.)



    • Kay Hudson
      Feb 16, 2014 @ 20:29:38

      After ten years or so of going full tilt, I’m still having to remind myself that it’s okay to sit down and read a book. I keep on feeling I should be doing something constructive. But I’m getting there.

      I get that Daily Deal email every morning, but most days I manage to delete it before it does any damage.



  2. Terri Osburn
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 20:14:00

    Thank you for the mention and the buy. If you fall prey to the KDD, which I do all the time, then definitely don’t subscribe to BookBub. That one is deadly. I don’t know how many books are on my kindle, but I know it will take me years to read them all. And I’m sure I’ll buy more this week. Sigh.



    • Kay Hudson
      Feb 16, 2014 @ 20:31:40

      Terri, I try real hard to be sensible with the Kindle, but it’s a good thing Amazon warns me before I try to download something I’ve already bought! I’m definitely not going looking for additional pushers–I mean sources.



  3. Talia Quinn
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 21:52:11

    Oh, you brought back memories! I read Bride of the Rat God ages ago, back when it was first published. I may even have my paperback copy. I know I really enjoyed it, though I preferred the books with Antryg–Dog Wizard and Silicon Mage. I confess, I just spent some time Googling all of that (my memory’s good but not *that* good), and discovered that Hambly was married to George Alec Effinger. I loved When Gravity Fails and its sequels.

    I hope you enjoy my books. 🙂



    • Kay Hudson
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 22:06:42

      Hey, Talia! Yes, I have those episodes of wandering through Google and Amazon on the track of books and authors I read long ago. I found several of Hambly’s books on my old lists, but it’s been a long time and a lot of books ago. (Never knew she’d been married to Effinger–I remember some of his, too.) My kindle has quite a few old favorites I want to read again. Alas, if I’d kept them all my house would look like an episode of Hoarders. Now it just looks like the bookcases are holding up the walls.



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