Review: Love in the Library, by Cheryl Bolen

Cheryl Bolen returns to Bath with Love in the Library, the fifth entry in her Brides of Bath series.  Fans will be glad to have a glimpse of old friends, and new readers will have no trouble following this stand-alone romance.

Love in the LibraryCatherine Bexley is a young widow, finishing her period of mourning for her late, but not particularly lamented, husband.  Almost all of Mr. Bexley’s wealth was tied up in a near-priceless Chaucer manuscript, but Catherine needs to put a price on it, and soon, because she’s nearly out of money.  Unfortunately, the manuscript has been stolen, and the bank holding the mortgage on her house is asking for payment.

Melvin Steffington is a brilliant scholar, an expert in classical literature and rare books.  His slightly older twin brother, Elvin, is a worldly baronet, but Melvin is uninterested in fashion and totally clueless about women.  The brothers are close, but Melvin wants to make his own way in the world.

Out of loyalty to her husband, Catherine wants to keep the theft–and the fact that she has no other resources–a secret, but she needs help to solve the mystery of the disappearing manuscript.  When she recruits Melvin Steffington (“the smart twin,” as he is known), little does she suspect that their partnership will grow into so much more.

Along the way Catherine and Melvin meet eccentric book collectors, break any number of social rules, and confront the bad guys, before they finally confront their feelings about each other.

If you enjoy traditional Regency romance with a touch of mystery, Love in the Library is for you.  Download it to your e-reader today.

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