Back to Normal

Well, my household is as close to normal as it ever gets.  It’s been one thing after another the last few months, welcome or not, large or small, easy to fix or wildly expensive.  But that’s just life, isn’t it?

As welcome as it was, the Golden Heart call in March pretty much derailed my writing.  For a while I jumped between editing one manuscript and writing on a new one, while shifting my work into Scrivener.  As a result, I haven’t made much progress on the new story, and the editing isn’t quite finished on the older one.  I don’t really expect that to settle down until after the RWA Conference.

Then there was the day the door bell went nuts. Not that many people actually ring my door bell, so I let it slide for a while.  I didn’t know until I looked on line for door bell replacements that half of them are now wireless.  Wireless I can handle.  A couple of weeks ago I picked up a system with a chime that plugs into a wall outlet and bells for the front and back doors (and a different ring for each).

The garage door took a little longer, requiring phone calls (some never answered or returned) to four different companies over two weeks before I found someone who fixed the problem in less than half an hour.

Getting my trees trimmed and two dead trees removed proved to be easier than I expected.  I found a local arborist through a community magazine, and he did a very nice job over a three day period, and charged a reasonable (but definitely not negligible) price.

The pool demolition was expensive, but I was amazed at how quickly it was done.  My job fell right into a gap in the contractor’s schedule and was finished six working days, one more than predicted due to assorted traffic, delivery and mechanical problems.

Finished A

Here’s the end result of the pool demolition.  Expensive as it was, it was also long overdue, and every time I glance out the window and see that green space where the pool was, I’m pleased.  Now I need to keep all, or at least most, of that sod alive over the summer.  (The grass here spreads with runners, so if a square here or there doesn’t make it, the holes will eventually fill in.)  There’s still some wet earth and leaves to remove, but I bundled up the cut bamboo this afternoon.  Yesterday I picked up a new sprinkler head which is doing a good job of covering the sodded area (and now of course I can see how much the rest of the yard needs watering, too).

Heron in TreeI spotted this heron in the back yard this afternoon.  Apparently the disappearance of the pool, and the frogs who lived in it, hasn’t disrupted her life too badly.  She’s still here.

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  1. Jacqui Nelsonj
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 11:37:05

    I hear you Kay on the challenge of getting writing done since the Golden Heart calls went out. It’s been hit and miss for me, and I’m eager to get back into a consistent writing routine after the national conference. Lots to look forward to 🙂

    Congrats on all your home updates & your pool demolition! It must feel great to have them out of the way.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon in Atlanta.



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