Book Review: Sharon Lynn Fisher’s Ghost Planet

With Ghost Planet, Sharon Lynn Fisher has come up with a truly unique premise.  I’m not giving anything away when I say that the protagonist, Elizabeth Cole, dies before the book opens.  It takes her a while to figure this out, though.  In fact neither she nor Murphy, her prospective supervisor at the New Seattle Counseling Center on the planet Ardagh 1, realizes that Elizabeth is a ghost until an alarm goes off when she passes through a sensor.

Ghost PlanetThe two had met only once, casually, years earlier on Earth, but that tenuous connection has turned Elizabeth into Murphy’s personal ghost (supplanting his rather mousy Aunt Maeve).  This strange relationship traps the two together, bound by a force that requires Elizabeth to stay near Murphy but separated by the Ghost Protocol, a measure devised by Murphy to protect the colonists from the emotional damage done by the ghosts, aliens who replicate, and believe themselves to be, the settlers’ lost friends and loved ones.

Elizabeth is not your average ghost.  With her academic background and research skills, she sets out to discover the secrets of the planet, upsetting the established order and drawing Murphy with her into a roller coaster adventure.  Can they save themselves?  The ghosts?  The colonists?  The planet?

This well-done science fiction romance will satisfy lovers of both genres, weaving the love story through a tale grounded in scientific theory and superb world building.  Fisher leaves enough planetary secrets hidden to warrant a sequel, and I hope there will be another visit to Ardagh 1 in store.  Highly recommended!





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