Happy Thanksgiving

I spent a pleasant afternoon with my neighbor, her daughter, and some friends at the Thanksgiving buffet at Moody Gardens down in Galveston.  It was a nice day for a drive, the food and the company were good, and there was no cooking, cleaning, or football involved.  (We might have been seated a trifle too close to the singing piano player and his repertoire of early Christmas carols, but he wasn’t bad, just a bit loud.)

I was particularly impressed with the display at the head of the buffet.  I wonder where one goes to learn the art of fruit carving?  Amazing what an artist can do with a watermelon, and I don’t even know what the birds are made of.  I think the flowers are mostly melon.

I’m working a short day tomorrow, avoiding the Black Friday sales, stopping by to see a friend who’s stuck in the hospital over the holiday.  Last year at this time I was writing furiously to finish a manuscript by the Golden Heart deadline.  That turned out to be well worth the effort, as Bathtub Jinn was a Golden Heart finalist.  This year I don’t have a new manuscript to finish, but I think I’ll enter the one I’m revising.  The deadline dates have changed, though, so I’m not tied to my computer chair for the rest of the holiday weekend.  I may even find time to read.

Today (and every day, I hope) I’m thankful for my health, my home, and my friends, so many of whom I have met through writing (my next-thing-to-a-sister, Jo Anne Banker, and my critique group, Barbara Ewing, Carl Miller, Charles Russell, and Jim Stanton)  and through Romance Writers of America (the members of my local chapters, West Houston and Houston Bay Area, and my Golden Heart sisters, the Starcatcher, the Firebirds, and the Golden Network).

Here’s wishing a happy holiday season to everyone.

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  1. patodearosen
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 08:22:08

    We have a lot to be thankful for, don’t we. Kay, I appreciate you and my other writer friends.



  2. Cheryl Bolen
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 15:35:22

    I’m thankful to have you for a friend, Kay.
    I am one of the most blessed people on the planet.



  3. Lark
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 05:20:01

    Glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving. My RWA friends are very precious–you guys are the only people who understand the insanity of what we do and cheer each other on anyhow.



    • Kay Hudson
      Nov 25, 2012 @ 11:07:43

      That’s the truth. I cringe when well-meaning but non-writing friends ask “Have you sold a book yet?” or (worse) “Why not?” I have no answer for them; my writing friends don’t need one (and wouldn’t ask).



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