Another Winner from Diane Kelly

And another roller coaster ride for Tara Hollway, Diane’s feisty IRS Special Agent heroine.  Well, not an actual roller coaster, but in Death, Taxes and Extra-Hold Hairspray, Tara does manage to stay on one of those Urban Cowboy bull rides for the full eight seconds–all in the line of duty, of course. This time she’s in hot pursuit of a televangelist who says his church doesn’t owe taxes to the IRS, a secessionist who claims his Lone Star Nation doesn’t owe anything to anybody, and a beehive wig for Lu, who is losing her famous updo to chemotherapy. The minister’s flock pursues Tara with email, the secessionists pursue her with hand-written, poorly-spelled legal threats, and hunky Special Agent Nick Pratt just pursues her.  And that’s Tara’s biggest problem–should she stay loyal to boyfriend Brett (out of town on a landscaping job) or give in to her crush on Nick?

I’m looking forward to Tara’s next adventure, Death, Taxes, and Peach Sangria (due out next January 29), and in the meantime I have Death, Taxes, and a Sequined Clutch, a Tara Holloway novella, waiting on my Kindle.

Meanwhile, I’ve been combined revising a manuscript with exploring Scrivener.  So far I’ve transferred the manuscript to Scrivener, breaking it into chapters and scenes (the Windows version, unlike Mac, does not do that automatically–yet–but it only took about an hour to do it by hand), and marked up the scenes with POV, location, time, and a few notes on what needs to be changed.  Scrivener makes it a lot easier to visualize all of these elements and follow them through the manuscript.  I’m definitely a fan, and I’ve written up my inital impressions in Falling for Scrivener.

If you find punctuation amusing (I do realize that not everyone does), you may enjoy my other recently-added article, The Care and Feeding of the Elusive Semicolon.  The comparison between punctuation and wildlife, endangered or not, may not be as farfetched as it sounds.  I swear sometimes the little devils go skittering off on their own.  It can’t just be my deteriorating typing skills, can it?

I’m looking forward to a shortened work week and a Thanksgiving buffet with friends–no cooking, no clean up, and no football.  I wish you the happiest of Thanksgiving celebrations.


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