Review: Cheryl Bolen’s Marriage of Inconvenience

Marriage of Inconvenience is Cheryl Bolen’s first novel for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical line, but its heroine is Rebecca Peabody, the much-loved younger sister of Bolen’s Counterfeit Countess, and long-time fans and new readers alike will be delighted with her story.

When Rebecca proposes to the widowed Earl of Aynsley, she doesn’t have love or romance in mind.  She’s hoping to trade her services as stepmother to his children and caretaker of his country estates for the freedom to continue writing her pseudonymous political essays.

Aynsley, once a suitor to Rebecca’s older sister, is not interested in such an arrangement–until he figures out that Rebecca is the essayist known as P. Corpus and realizes that this intelligent and passionate young woman could be the companion he hadn’t known he needed.

Rebecca soon wonders if she’s in over her head.  Aynsley’s three youngest sons and eccentric Uncle Ethelbert have driven off a succession of housekeepers and governesses, his daughter has only disdain for a stepmother, and there’s that bigger than life-size portrait of the late Countess in the dining room.  Even worse, what are these unfamiliar emotions plaguing Rebecca?

As for Aynsley, he is charmed by Rebecca and by her growing love for the children, but how can he trust her when she won’t share her secret identity with him?

Will faith, in all its forms, be enough to turn this Marriage of Inconvenience into a true and loving partnership?

I’d been waiting to read Rebecca’s story since she appeared in Counterfeit Countess, one of my favorites among Cheryl’s books, in 2005.  Marriage of Inconvenience is available in both paper and e-book versions from all the usual booksellers.

Cheryl also has a new e-book novella collection out, Christmas Brides, containing three Regency romance novellas: “The Christmas Wish,” “Home for Christmas,” and “Christmas at Farley Manor.”

If you enjoy traditional Regency romance, you won’t go wrong browsing through Cheryl Bolen’s books.

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  1. Cheryl Bolen
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 12:31:35

    Kay is such a great “PAL.” Thanks for reviewing and blogging my new book.



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