RWA Conference: Friday

Sometime during the conference I discovered that it is indeed possible to check my email on my Kindle (the keyboard model with 3G), although the process is somewhat eyestrain inducing.  Friday morning I discovered that attempting to answer email through the Kindle is not a good idea.  As I saw when I checked back later, the Kindle sent out four blank emails for each one I thought I wrote.  Fortunately I only sent two or three.  Most of the folks who email me regularly were at the Conference, and the rest knew I was out of town and unlikely to answer them.

Friday morning, after snagging a couple of scones from the continental breakfast spread, I went to my editor appointment, one of the big perks of attending the Conference.  The organization that goes into herding at least fifty people at a time to the right editor or agent at ten minute intervals is impressive, and the volunteers who make it work deserve a round of applause.

After my own ten minute chat, I headed off to visit more workshops.  I had enjoyed Cherry Adair’s keynote talk at the Golden Network Retreat on Wednesday enormously, so I went to her presentation on The Choreography of Action, which was both informative and hilarious.  And she was wearing another great pair of shoes.

Next I went to Laughing All the Way to the Bank: How to Write and Sell Humor.  Comedy is tough, but it’s what I do.  Two of the presenters, Christie Craig and Diane Kelly, are friends of mine, and all four are very funny ladies.  The workshop began with Kathleen Bacus’s recounting of what she learned from I Love Lucy, full of advice and laughter.  Angie Fox told us that “biker witches” sold her first book, and I believe her.

Friday lunch was a Conference event, featuring speaker Robyn Carr, who told us about her thirty-year (and forty-book) journey to the New York Times Best Seller List.  Inspiring, encouraging, and entertaining.  I haven’t found Robyn’s address on line, but I did find this quote from it: “Success is not measured by fame or fortune or power. Success is measured in moments of satisfaction.”

After lunch I did a little gift shopping, California tee shirts for the Scorekeeper crew and books for my neighbor who looked after Nutmeg.  And another book for me, Cherry Adair’s Rita nominee, Hush.

Friday afternoon the RWA Board threw a reception for the Rita and Golden Heart finalists, where we drank champagne, ate dessert, and collected our certificates (headed for my wall as soon as I remember to pick up a frame!).  Most of all, it was a chance to visit with the Firebirds and the Rita nominees.

Friday evening I shared a lovely dinner with Houston friends Sarah Andre and Lark Howard at a local seafood restaurant called The Catch.  I tried the macadamia-crusted barramundi, although I’d never heard of the fish, which definitely does not swim in the Gulf of Mexico.  It was delicious.  (Barramundi, as it happens, is an Australian fish, but I’ll bet the one I ate was farm-raised in California.)

Back at the hotel, I found a flock of Firebirds gathered at the pool, and spent the rest of the evening visiting with them.  Stayed tuned for the opening of the Firebirds Blog: we’re aiming for August 20.

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