One Hundred Days and (Not) Counting

Yesterday was Day 100 on the hundred words/hundred days trail, and I’m going to stop counting for a while.  I won’t stop writing–if I could do that, I would have done it long ago–but I want a day off now and then.  I’ve mostly been editing, anyway, getting Bathtub Jinn into shape, and how do I measure that?  So much time with the manuscript on my lap?  So many pages marked up?  It’s all on the honor system, anyway.

The cast of Bathtub Jinn includes a cat, a wise-cracking pooka and witch’s familiar who plays an important supporting role.  His name is Porthos, although the hero insists on calling him Porky, and he’s black with golden eyes, in the tradition of the pooka, battle-scarred from several years of living among feral cats.  One of my critique partners, Carl Miller, however, is convinced that Porthos is an orange tabby, and last night he sent me this (uncredited) picture, saying: “Spotted one of your lead characters, in repose.”  It’s not Porthos, but it’s a great cat.

This morning when I spent $36 on slightly more than 9 gallons of gas, I thought of this list that I clipped out of a local paper recently.  No attribution, but I must  admit that I remember at least some of these numbers from fifty years ago:

  • average cost of a house: $13,500
  • average annual wages: $6,450
  • average cost of a gallon of gas: 31 cents
  • average monthly cost to rent a house: $118
  • average cost of a loaf of bread: 21 cents
  • average cost of a new car: $2,650
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: 969

I’ve been pretty good about not buying actual paper books lately, but I’ve downloaded a few to the Kindle:  His Lordship’s Vow, a short Regency romance by my buddy Cheryl Bolen, Skies of Fire, a steampunk romance by Zoe Archer, and two books about writing by Holly Lisle, Professional Plot Outline Mini-Course and Mugging the Muse.  Sigh.  I now have 98 books on my Kindle.  I’ll never catch up.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pat Kay
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 08:05:14

    Kay, love the picture of the cat. Oh, to be a cat! Love the description of the book, would love to read it one of these days. And love the reminder of what things used to cost. I was actually thinking about that while driving home from Curves this morning — how when Dick and I were first married he made $1.00 an hour (this was 1958) and I made $1.25 an hour. He was pumping gas part-time and going to college at night and I was a secretary who had just dropped out of college. To say we married on a shoestring is an exaggeration. We married on the hope of a shoestring! But those were good days and I wouldn’t trade them.



    • Kay Hudson
      Apr 12, 2012 @ 00:33:16

      Thanks for visiting, Pat. Standing there pumping gas, I couldn’t help but remember when Jack and I lived in New Orleans and drove a little Fiat, around 1970. We had to run it almost dry to buy the eight gallon fill up that would get us a free glass (with a Saints emblem on it) at the Shell station. We needed the glasses, and the full tank cost considerably less than one gallon does today.



  2. Cheryl Bolen
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 12:47:04

    Thanks for mentioning — and downloading — my new book on Amazon. Of course you and I know there’s no way you’re going to read all those books you compulsively download!



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