Tuesday Ramblings

I’ve taken the first few steps toward the RWA Conference in Anaheim this summer.  I’ve registered for the conference and reserved a room at the hotel.  The memory of my face on the Jumbotron at last year’s awards ceremony inspired me to try for a new photograph (which has to be uploaded to RWA by next Monday).  So I asked my friend Ha to take more casual shots this year.  I’m still getting used to cameras that don’t waste film and transfer pictures to a flashdrive, but that’s natural to Ha, and he took quite a few.  Jo Anne and I winnowed them down to three favorites, and I think I’ve picked the one to use.  I won’t have a lot of shopping to do this year–I have luggage, and shoes–but I’ll do some for fun.  Maybe a different dressy top for the Big Party.  No hurry–the conference isn’t until the last week in July, a month later than last year.

Last night I finished reading Catching Fire, the second book in Suzanne Collins’  young adult trilogy.  It ended on more of a cliff than The Hunger Games did, so I’ll probably read the third book, Mockingjay, soon, to find out how it all ends.  If, like me, you have mixed emotions about the current trends in YA fiction, stop over at Spacefreighters Lounge and read Donna Frelick’s thoughts on where, and by how much, the genres of science fiction, romance, and young adult fiction overlap.  (Donna is a double finalist in the Golden Heart® this year, for two science fiction romances.)

For the moment I need something more cheerful, so I’ve picked Deeanne  Gist’s latest novel off my To Be Read shelf.  Love on the Line, the story of a female telephone operator in turn of the century Texas, a Texas Ranger under cover, and a gang of train robbers, is a nominee for a Rita® award this year in the Inspirational category.

I love this picture from the April, 1935 issue of Everyday Science and Mechanics, as reproduced on the Paleofuture blog at Smithsonian.com.  Go read about it.  I’m going to have to spend more time prowling around the site.

Here’s something else worth visiting: a videocam view of an eagles’ nest on the grounds of the Alcoa plant in Davenport. Iowa.  Liberty and Justice are raising three eaglets in perfect peace under the watchful eyes of a couple of million visitors

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