Still Writing on Wednesday

and every day since the first of the year, when my Hundred Word group started a new challenge.  Today is Day 39, and while some of us have skipped a day for one reason or another, we’re all still at it.   The group started on March 10, 2007, so we’re only about a month short of our fifth anniversary.  Some members have dropped off along the way, but we’ve added a few new ones this year.

The challenge we began five years ago was to write one hundred new words a day (on a work-in-progress–blogs, journals, and shopping lists don’t count) for one hundred days.  Over time we’ve each adjusted that a bit to suit our circumstances, usually allowing a certain amount of editing or plotting to substitute for writing new words.  Sometimes that actually amounts to cutting the total word count, but that’s okay. 

I started a new project on New Year’s Day, working title Jinn on the Rocks, and I’ve managed to produce fifteen pages so far.  Not much of an accomplishment, but without the challenge I’d probably still be thinking about it.   I’m ony beginning to figure out where this story is going–no, that’s not true.  It’s a romance.  It’s going toward that Happily Ever After ending we all love.  But it started with a totally unexpected goblin, who surprised both the heroine and me by popping out from behind a headstone in a quiet cemetary, bringing a new assignment for my changeling heroine.  Meanwhile my hero, the jinn of the title, is trying to get out of a landfill, a task complicated by the fact that he doesn’t know how he got there, or even where there is.

Meanwhile I’ve done some editing on Bathtub Jinn.  Technically I finished the book on Thanksgiving weekend, just in time to send it off to this year’s Golden Heart® contest, but it still needs work.  The ending is there, but it needs expanding, and every time I read a section to my wonderful critique group, I find (or rather they find) something to improve.  This week we read chapter 18, and I definitely have a couple of clunkers to fix.  Bathtub Jinn involves a trip through a markedly warped Land of Oz, complete with some thoroughy nasty winged monkeys.  (Watch that movie again–there are some seriously scary bits. It’s not all Lollipop Guild and Over the Rainbow.)  So when I saw this sign at Half-Price Books recently, I couldn’t resist.  It’s now hanging in my writing alcove.  If I don’t go write my poor hero out of his predicament (and into a worse one) those monkeys may just come after me!


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