Another Day at RWA

I had a busy day today, reminding myself that I’m not just here to visit and eat.  I headed downstairs bright and early for an 8:30 workshop on “Light versus Dark Paranormal Fiction.”  Houston author Kerrelyn Sparks and her Love at Stake series represented the lighter side of vampires.  She was joined by fellow NYTimes bestsellers Karina Cooper, Pamela Palmer, and Terri Garey.

From there I headed down the hall to “Not Another Sex Scene,” presented with charming Australian accents by Anne Gracie and Kelly Hunter.  Their workshop was full of useful information–about techniques of writing, not about what one of their British friends refers to as the “docking procedure.”  (And if you don’t know what I mean by that, you need to read more romance.)

From marketing to craft to motivation:  For my third workshop of the morning, I chose another Houston author, Sharon Mignerey, and her presentation on taking care of yourself, living a full life, and making writing fun again.

Another seated luncheon for two thousand plus today, more books on the chairs.  Several long-time RWA volunteers were presented with service awards, and the librarian and bookseller of the year were honored.  Our luncheon speaker was NYTimes bestseller Sherrilyn Kenyon, who kept the audience laughing, and occasionally crying, with the story of her long and obstacle-laden journey to success.

After lunch I managed one more workshop, “Got High Concept?” by Lori Wilde, an hour on creating a one-sentence pitch to intrigue agents and editors.

At three o’clock Jo Anne and I attended the reception for Golden Heart and Rita finalists, where we drank champagne, ate sweets, mingled with  old and new friends–and the RWA Board of Directors–and received our finalist certificates.  I’ve accumulated a few contest certificates over the years, and tucked them away with the manuscripts that earned them, but this one is going in a frame on my wall.

After some feet-up time, our conference activities over for the day, we collected two of our Houston friends, Pat O’Dea Rosen (a winner in last year’s Golden Heart contest) and Julie Pitzel, and went out to play tourist.  We walked around a corner or two until we spotted a restaurant Pat knew, where we settled in for Italian food and wine and more talk about writing.  We forced ourselves to share a serving of Tiramisu (I could easily have eaten a whole one, but I’m already wondering what I’ll see when I step on the scale back home on Sunday) before we walked back to Broadway.  We found an unoccupied bench and watched the lights, the ever-changing ads, and the wondrous variety of people on Times Square.

I’m not going to see the Statue of Liberty or a Broadway show–at least not on this trip–but at least I can say I’ve been on Broadway, walked past the theaters, and stood in Times Square.

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