Odd and Ends and Updates, Oh, My!

Business cards:  The business cards I ordered Saturday morning from Zazzle.com were waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work this evening, and they are exactly as ordered.  I’m very pleased.  I only ordered the basic one hundred cards, being cautious, but I certainly won’t hesitate to order more when I need them.

The trip to New York:  My neighbor, LaRue, has kindly offered to feed Nutmeg while I’m gone, so I won’t have to board the cat.  I’m sure she’d rather stay home alone than spend ten days in a cage at the vet’s.  LaRue will turn 82 on Friday, and I only hope I’m that healthy and active when I’m her age.  Heck, I hope I get to be her age.

As for shopping, I think I’ve got just about all the essentials.  Clothes, luggage, business cards, lists of small stuff.  I’m not going to the North Pole.  They have drugstores in New York City.  I can’t believe the RWA conference starts in less than three weeks.  Today I started making arrangements with my bookkeeping clients to be sure they have what they need while we’re gone.  Better make a list there, too.

Kindle shopping:  I’ve been checking out the top hundred free downloads for the Kindle regularly, and I’ve downloaded several novels from publishers offering backlist novels free to interest readers in following up with newer (paid) books by the same authors.  Yesterday I noticed a novel (Cotillion) by Georgette Heyer  on the list.  Regency England is not my period of expertise, not by a long shot, but as a writer of romance, I’m a bit embarassed to say that I’ve never read any of Heyer’s books.  When Sourcebooks plunged into the romance genre a few years ago, they republished some of Heyer’s books, and this is one of their editions.  When I went browsing again today, I found another Heyer novel (The Grand Sophy) for the princely sum of $1.99.  When I one-clicked that onto my Kindle, Amazon suggested I might want Nail Your Novel for $4.99.  The book had racked up 26 five-star reviews, so I risked five bucks on it.

Writing:  No progress whatsoever on the Work In Progress.  Apparently I’m having too much fun blogging, doing this when I should be writing a hundred words a day.  Or at least reading over the forty-one thousand I have, and figuring out which forty thousand more to add.  And in what order.

The weather:  Always a good subject.  Ours has been extreme, even for the Houston area.  105° on Sunday and Monday, an average high of 99° for the first week in June, an all-time record.  What’s it going to be like in August?  It hasn’t been quite that hot where I live, southeast of the city, near Galveston Bay, but it’s hot enough, and we’ve had no rain at all.  What little has fallen in the last few months has landed well to the north–while other parts of the country are under water.  Hardly seems fair.

But then the weather in Texas is seldom fair.  Broiling hot, freezing cold, Sahara-dry, hurricane-wet, but not plain old boring fair.  On Sunday afternoon when I was taking a walk in a blast furnace, a friend was hiding in a bank drive-through to protect his new car from a hail storm.  In the same county.  If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait a few minutes.  It’ll change.

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