to my newly-established beachhead on the Web!

I’m really not a Luddite.  I’ve owned a computer since 1984 (starting with an IBM PC clone with 384 kb of memory, 8-inch floppies, no hard drive, MS-DOS 1.5, incredibly clunky software, a small gold-on-black monitor and a daisy wheel printer, combined price tag just about $5,000) and my current machine is a thing of beauty (more bells, whistles and gigabytes than I will ever need, a gorgeous hi-def monitor, and a price tag under $1000).

But I’ve been slow to establish what many of my friends call a “web presence.”  I don’t do Facebook (not yet, anyway, she said with a sigh), and I don’t understand Twitter–all that “following” sounds a bit like stalking to me.  And why should anyone visit the web site of a serious but as yet unpublished writer?

But when Romance Writers of America called last month to tell me that my historical manuscript Paper Hearts is a finalist in the Golden Heart® contest, I decided it was time to take the next step.  The Universe agreed, offering me the opportunity to participate in an online workshop on using WordPress.

So here I am, learning to build and manage my very own home on the Web.  I’ll tell you a bit about my writing projects, post a few articles on writing, and chat about books and movies I’m enjoying.  I hope you’ll drop by.

Talk to me!

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